Apple & Raspberry Crumble

This recipe gives the traditional crumble a healthy twist, and it even makes for a great breakfast hot or cold. Don’t like raspberries? This crumble works with any berry; blueberries, blackberries, or just as apple on its own. Recipe makes for 6 portions Ingredients: 460g Cooking Apple (peeled and cut into chunks)150g Raspberries200g Oats4 tbspContinue reading “Apple & Raspberry Crumble”

Butternut Squash & Cashew Risotto

Risotto is a great throw together meal. Super easy to make and once you know how to make a basic risotto you can then add anything you like to it and play around with flavours. My usual go to risotto is either chicken and mushroom, prawn and chilli or this butternut and cashew. This recipeContinue reading “Butternut Squash & Cashew Risotto”

Peanut butter flapjacks

One of my favourite healthy snacks to make. Perfect for sharing and enjoying with a cup of tea! Recipe makes approx. 12 flapjacks Ingredients: 200g oats 1 banana (mashed up) 1 tbsp coconut oil (plus a little extra for greasing) 4 tbsp peanut butter (100% nuts) 2 tbsp maple syrup (100% organic) 1 tbsp honeyContinue reading “Peanut butter flapjacks”

How to make the perfect porridge!

Porridge, why is it so good though?! Oats are a great carbohydrate source. Known as a ‘slow burner’ oats are a low GI food, which in simple terms means that energy is released at a slower rate to keep you full and energised for longer. Oats are also a good source of protein, however onlyContinue reading “How to make the perfect porridge!”